BURNED is Done! Another on the Way!

Burned CoverKaren Marie Moning has announced that BURNED, the seventh book in the FEVER series and the second Dani O’Malley novel, is done! The release date is expected to be January 20, 2015.

She also stated that she just couldn’t stop writing. So we’ll be getting another book, so for those who were frustrated with the wait (ICED, the last book in the series, was released in November 2012), Karen says she’s making it up you!

BURNED Delayed Until January 2015

Burned CoverKaren Marie Moning gave an update today to state that BURNED won’t be released until January 2015.  She felt she needed a bit of a break so she could regroup and make sure BURNED is the best product she could publish.

She also steered us to a model that, when she saw him, she was stunned to see he was nearly exactly how she pictured Ryodan.  His name is Anthony James Hill.

Read more to see some of what she had to say.

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