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MacKayla Evelina Lane, also called Mac, was born May 1, in Ireland. She is 22 years old at the beginning of the Fever Series. She is the lead female character in the Fever Series. She, along with her older sister Alina, were adopted and brought up in Ashford, Georgia in the United States. Though she doesn't learn until later that she and her sister were adopted. Her adopted father is Jack Lane and her adopted mother is Rainey Lane (née Frye). Her birth parents are Isla O'Connor and Pieter Van De Meer. She lives at home with her adopted parents, taking the occasional college course, while bar tending at The Brickyard in Ashford. Mac learns later that she is a Sidhe-seer -- one of the most powerful that's ever lived -- which means she can see the Fae and has other powers.

My philosophy is pretty simple--any day nobody's trying to kill me is a good day in my book.
I haven't had many good days lately.
Not since the walls between Man and Faery came down.
But then, there's not a sidhe-seer alive who's had a good day since then.
Darkfever, Prologue
Mac Lane
Mac Lane in the graphic novel Fever Moon


Physical Description

At the beginning of the series, Mac describes herself as healthy through the bust and bottom, but slim through the waist and thighs. She has long blond hair and brilliant green eyes. Her eyes are slightly uptilted at the outer corners. She has long dark lashes. Her skin is clear and even-toned. She has a tiny heart-shaped mole on her left cheek of her behind and another one just east of her right nipple. She has the look of her mother, but mostly she has her mother's carriage.

After she runs (literally) into The Many-Mouthed Thing and gets away, Barrons has her cut and color her hair black, to 'lose the Barbie look.'


Family Lineage

Mac descends from an ancient Celtic bloodline of powerful sidhe-seers. This line is known for having extremely strong abilities.

Her real parents are Isla O'Connor and Pieter Van De Meer.

However, she was adopted when she was one, along with her blood sister, Alina. Her adoptive parents are Jack and Rainey Lane. Others in her adoptive family include an aunt named Eileen, who promised Mac that she would be pretty one day.


While growing up with the Lanes, Mac often had nightmares of cold places. She would often run to her father when this happened. She and Alina would often call back and forth during the day while in each others bedrooms, which were down the hall from each other. During the night, they wake up each other during bad dreams.

Lines of Demarcation

During the Fever Series, Mac often talks of lines of demarcation to signify something drastic that happens in her life that will change her forever. The first of these instances occur when she finds out her sister, Alina, was murdered in Dublin.

It's funny how such a tiny, insignificant, dozen-times-a-day action can become a line of demarcation.
The picking up of a phone. The pressing on an on button.
Before I pressed it--as far as I knew--my sister Alina was alive. At the moment of pressing, my life split into two distinct epochs: Before the call and After.
Before the call, I had no use for a word like "demarcation," one of those fifty-cent words I knew only because I was an avid reader.
Darkfever, Ch 1

After Mac learns about Shades, she finds that she can no longer sleep with the lights off. Prior to this, she couldn't sleep with even a small light on.

Death of Alina

The news of Alina's death is devastating to Mac and her parents. While her parents were on a cruise, Mac had dropped her cell phone into the pool, and a few days later, on July 5, she received a phone call on her parents' phone from Ireland stating that her sister had been murdered. Since her parents weren't at home, she had to identify the body. However, where her parents go through the five steps of grief, Mac becomes angry and wishes revenge.

My tears were involuntary. My soul was leaking. Alina wasn't just my sister, she was my best friend...
Alina was as certain as the sun rising and setting. She was charmed...
We were going to live forever...
After two weeks, my teary fog started to life a little. I didn't stop hurting. I think I just finally expelled the last drop of moisture from my body that wasn't absolutely necessary to keep me alive. And rage watered my parched soul. I wanted answers. I wanted justice.
I wanted revenge...
After two weeks, I was thick into the anger phase. Depression was supposed to be next. Then, if one was healthy, acceptance...
I was so not healthy. Nor was I remotely sure about the police in Ireland.
Accept Alina's death?
Darkfever, Ch 1

To deal with her grief, Mac's mother became what Mac termed a 'veritable Tasmanian devil of domesticity,' cooking and cleaning, and then cooking and cleaning some more.

Her father tried every which way he could think of the get the police in Ireland to do more investigating into Alina's death. However, the police came back to state there was not enough evidence to determine who killed her. He called Interpol, the consulates, anyone he could think of, however, everything came back with the same answer: no one could help.

Mac took it upon herself to go to Dublin and speak with the police face-to-face. Her mother was having none of this.

"You can bet your butt if we lived over there, they'd never have given up so quickly," I said bitterly.
"You don't know that, Mac." Mom pushed ash-blonde bangs back from blue eyes that were red-rimmed from weeping, leaving a smudge of flour on her brow.
"Give me the chance to find out."
"Absolutely not. I've already lost one daughter to that country. I will not lose another..."
I said, "I'm going and I don't care if you like it or not."
Darkfever, Ch 1

Her father, by this time, had closed himself off from everyone else.

Later that same day, Mac remembers that her cell phone was short-circuited from being dropped in the pool. She buys a new one and, since it had been a few weeks since she her other one had died, she had quite a few voice mails. One of them was from her sister, Alina, and it carried a frightening message.

"Mac! Oh God, Mac, where are you? I need to talk to you! It rolled straight into your voice mail! What you you doing with your cell phone turned off? You've got to call me the minute you get this! I mean the very instant!"
Despite the oppressive summer heat, I was suddenly icy, my skin clammy.
"Oh, Mac, everything has gone so wrong! I was thought I knew what I was doing. I thought he was helping me, but--God, I can't believe I was so stupid! I thought I was in love with him and he's one of them, Mac! He's one of them!"
I blinked uncomprehendingly. One of who? For that matter, who was this "he" that was one of "them" in the first place? Alina--in love? No way! Alina and I told each other everything...
"We've got to talk, Mac! There's so much you don't know. My God, you don't even know what you are! There are so many things I should have told you, but I thought I could keep you out of it until things were safer for us. I'm going to try to make it home"--she broke off and laughed bitterly, a caustic sound totally unlike Alina--"but I don't think he'll let me out of the country. I'll call you as soon--"More static. A gasp. "Oh, Mac, he's coming!" Her voice dropped to an urgent whisper. "Listen to me! We've got to find the"--her next word sounded garbled or foreign, something like shi-sadu, I thought. "Everything depends on it. We can't let them have it! We've got to get to it first! He's been lying to me all along. I know what it is now and I know where--"
Dead air.
The call had been terminated.
Darkfever, Ch 1

The voice mail was from July 5th, and, according to the police's time of death, came just four hours before Alina died.

Mac's Discovery of Being a Sidhe-Seer

The second time Mac visits Barrons, while outside of Barrons Books and Baubles, she notices black patches of darkness that she mistakes for shadows. Later, she learns they're called Shades. Barrons notices her looking at them and puts two and two together.

"I never thought there might be one like you out there. Unaware, untrained. Unbelievable. You have no idea what you are, do you?
"Crazy?" I tried to make a joke of it...
"No, you're not crazy. You are, however, a walking impossibility. I have no notion how you survived. I suspect you must have lived in a borough so provincial and uninteresting that you never encountered one of them. A cloistered town so utterly lacking distinction that it was never visited and never will be."
"Yeah, well," I said defensively. I loved my hometown. "Point?"
"You, Ms. Lane, are a sidhe-seer."
"Huh?" What was a she-seer?
"A sidhe-seer. You see the Fae."
I burst out laughing.
Darkfever, Ch 6

Mac's Discovery of Being Adopted

Mac first begins to suspect she is adopted when Rowena tells her she has the look of an O'Connor and that Mac should confirm she wasn't adopted. Mac asks her dad, and instead of confirming or denying anything, he doesn't ever answer the question. Mac also calls the hospital where she and her sister were supposed to have been born, and the hospital had no record of their birth.

Later, Jack gives her more details. Mac learns that her sister, Alina, was three and she was one when they were given to the Lanes and that many restrictions came with the adoption.

"They" were people from a church in Atlanta. Mom and Dad couldn't conceive, and had been on an adoption waiting list for so long they'd nearly given up. But one day they got a call that two children had been left at a downtown church, and a friend of a friend of a church's pastor's sister knew their counselor, who'd suggested the Lanes. Not all couples were willing to accept, or had the financial means to take on two young children at once, and among the biological mother's lengthy list of requirements was that the children not be separated. She'd also insisted that if the adoptive couple did not already live in a rural area, they must move to a small town and agree to never live in or near a city again...
He opened his eyes. "The first promise we had to make to the adoption agency before they'd even consider putting us on the list of prospective parents was that under no circumstances would we ever let either of you set foot in Ireland."
Blooodfever, Ch 6

The first time the Lanes saw the girls, Alina was wearing a yellow skirt and sweater set. Mac was dressed all in pink with a little rainbow ribbon tied around a wisp of her hair.

The Lanes assumed that the girls' mother was dead, although they were never told this. At one time, Alina became ill, so they looked for the people who had the girls at the beginning. However, the church was burned to the ground, the adoption agency had closed, and their private investigator was unable to locate a single ex-employee.

Mac is Kidnapped

During a confrontation, Mac uses the Spear to stab Mallucé, a man who pretends to be a vampire. He actually ate Unseelie in order to be strong. However, he ate so much that parts of him became Fae, so the Fae parts began to rot away. He was so angry that he kidnapped Mac and tortured her.

The MacHalo

Because of the Shades, Mac became extremely afraid of the dark. The Shades could kill her by reaching her through the tiniest bit of area without light. So, she came up with an invention to help with this problem and called it the MacHalo. The ingredients of a MacHalo are a biking helmet (preferably pink), batteries, brackets, caving lights, dozens of click-it lights, superglue, and Velcro bands. The brackets are put onto the the side of the helmet so they stick out a bit from the sides, with spelunker lights attached to the end and pointing downward. The click-it lights are glued all over the surface of the helmet. Also, the extra Velcro bands are put around the wrists and ankles with more click-it lights attached to them, for added protection. Once all of the lights are clicked on, the Shades don't have a hope of getting near someone wearing it.

When Mac loses her MacHalo, Barrons makes her a new one. This one is black and is called the Z-lo.
The Z-lo that Barrons makes for Mac.

Eventually the sidhe-seers made an assembly line to make their own MacHalos.

Mac Becomes Pri-ya and Immortal

After the walls came down, Mac found herself alone in a church. Since the walls were gone, this allowed all of the imprisoned Unseelie to be set free on Earth. Including three of the Unseelie Princes: Death, Pestilence, and Famine. They were later joined by Darroc, the Lord Master. As she was leaving the church, they approached the entrance. At first, she thought it was V'lane, but then realized that it was an Unseelie Prince. And then the other two showed up as well. They forced her to give up her spear and then used their death-by-sex power to undress and have sex with them. The sex is so addictive that nothing else begins to matter, and makes her become pri-ya.

With some distant part of my mind I recognized the horror of what was happening to me. I tasted on their perfect lips the emptiness within them, and understood that beneath the flawless, velvety, golden skin, far beneath the waves of Eros I was drowning in...there was nothing ocean
My orgasms were not petit mal but repeated births, a re-creation of myself every time I came. It was sex that was life that was blood that was God that filled every empty orifice I had, inside and out.
And it was killing me.
And I knew it.
And I had to have more.
Faefever, Ch 19

While the three Unseelie princes take her, she notices a fourth, but he wouldn't show his face. She knew he wasn't one of the three because he was different. Later, she learns that it was Cruce. But he kept himself hidden from her and the other three Unseelie princes. While he was with her he gives her a liquid that is later learned to be a liquid he gave to the concubine that made her become Fae. It also makes Mac immortal.

One November 1st, Dani and many of the other sidhe-seers converge on Dublin to save her. Dani uses her super speed to run in and take Mac right out from under the Unseelie princes and the Lord Master. They take her back to the abbey in the dungeon and place extremely strong wards around her to prevent the princes from gaining access to her. Dani watches over her, but by this time Mac is far gone. She refuses to eat and is out of her mind for her need of sex.

On November 4th, Dani notices that the wards have been painted over. She freeze frames to get her sword and on her way to returning to Mac, the abbey is taken over by Barrons (who had been missing since the walls fell), and his eight men. Barrons yanks Dani right out of super speed and asks about Mac. At this time Dani gets a premonition that something is about to happen to Mac and freeze frames back to the dungeon. When she arrives one of the Unseelie princes arrives. She stabs him with her sword and kills him. Then Barrons arrives and another Unseelie prince arrives. He takes one look at Barron's and disappears.

Recovering from Being Pri-ya

Barrons takes Mac with him to an abandoned house in Dublin and keeps her there until he is able to ween her from her sex addiction. He does this by having constant sex with her. By this time, she was far gone, not eating, and unable to talk.

He teaches her how to talk again and bombards her with family photos and questions to bring her back. During this time Barrons does many things he wouldn't normally do, including dancing and singing with Mac and showing some tenderness toward her. For Mac, the sex with him was like nothing she had experienced before. The same could be said for Barrons.

The process of bringing Mac back from being pri-ya takes a few months. Eventually Mac becomes aware of her surroundings but doesn't seem to quite to want to leave her cozy place with Barrons. Barrons begins to realize that she is coming to herself as well.

"You're leaving me, Rainbow Girl." -Barrons, Dreamfever ch 4

On January 7th, Mac becomes fully recovered from being pri-ya.

Going Through Wards

After Mac survives being pri-ya, she discovers she can walk through wards. This becomes very helpful when trying to find the hidden libraries at the abbey.

There are a total of 21 hidden libraries scattered throughout the Abbey. Dani was able to find 18 of them, but is unable to get into some of the libraries because wards blocked her way. However, Mac, who can walk through most wards, was able to access these areas.

In one area, wards etched into the stone floor at ten-foot intervals along the length of the hall that led to a tall, ornately carved door. This door was warded with repelling runes that causes the person who touches the doorknob to amplify their innate fears. This door leads to one of the Forbidden Libraries. The room is small, windowless, and musty. The room has shelves and tables filled with books, scrolls, and collectibles. To let the other sidhe-seers into the area, Mac used gum to break the wards.

The next library had multiple ward barriers, each with increasing density and intensity. The last of these barriers was very strong and she slammed into as if it was a brick wall. It had layers of wards with a bluish tint, sharper lines, an more-complex shapes, shimmering, one on top of another. They had a slight chill. Their designs morphed from knots into fantastical creatures, and then morphed again into mathematical equations, and then back into knots. After trying for some time to get through it, she ended up using blood to break the ward boundary, something that isn't considered a good option, as this can become dangerous. When she finally ended up on the other side of the barrier, she came up against a woman who blocked her way. She was blond and beautiful with icy eyes. But she was nothing but an image that repeated one message.

You are not permitted here. You are not one of us.
Leave now or suffer our wrath.
Dreamfever, Ch 22

When Mac attempts to pass her, pain drove her back, no matter how many times she tried. She released V'lane's name from her tongue so he could help, but he also bent over from pain, hissed at her, and disappeared.

The Prophecy

AWC (after the walls crashed), V'lane sifted Mac to Georgia, her home state in the United States. He took her to her hometown of Ashford. She walked to her house and found that her parents were out on the lanai talking about Alina and Mac. Her parents discussed some of the things that took place during their adoption and they also mentioned a prophecy.

"Mac was having enough problems dealing with Alina's death. There was no way I was going to tell her about some crazy Irish woman and an even crazier prophecy..."
"What would you have had me say, Rainey?" Dad said loudly, jarring her, keeping her from slipping inward. "'Baby, I'm sorry to tell you this, but according to some ancient prophecy, there's something wrong with you and you're going to doom the whole world'?" He snorted, then laughed. "Laugh with me, Rainey. Come on!" He pulled her to her feet. "Not our girl. Not a chance. You know it's bogus..."
"She said one of our girls would die young and the other would wish she was dead!"
"Alina almost died when she was eight, remember? But she didn't. That's young. Just because she dies in her twenties doesn't mean anything else the woman said is true, and it certainly doesn't mean anything's wrong with Mac."
-Jack and Rainey, Dreamfever Ch 20

After this exchange, Mac left with V'lane. But before leaving, she left a photo of Alina while in Dublin for them. She wrote on the back.

She was happy.
I love you, Mom and Dad.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
Dreamfever Ch 20

Later, Mac learns from Nana O'Reilly that there were actually two prophecies. One promised hope, while the other spoke of a blight upon the earth.= and ore. Both hinges upon a single thing. But what that thing (or person) was, she didn't know.

Mac's Parents are Taken

Mac's parents are taken by Darroc, the Lord Master. In exchange, he demands the Four Stones. Darroc keeps her parents hostage in their home in Ashford. In order to get there, he demands that Mac enter through stacked Silvers located in his home on 1247 LaRuhe in Dublin. When she enters the first stacked silver, he demands that she show the stones to him. She warns that this wouldn't be a good idea, but does it any way. She, along with the stones, are shot out of the realm she's in and she lands in the Hall of All Days. Eventually her parents were saved by Barrons and his men, but Mac was stuck in the many dimensions of the Silvers.

Death of Barrons

While in the Hall of All Days, Mac gazes into many of the mirrors, and often there are others who stare back at her. In one mirror she sees Christian MacKeltar, who had been missing for at least two months. She enters this mirror to help save him.

It turns out that Christian was located on a desert planet with four suns. Mac uncovers the stones so they can go to a different dimension. Christian informs her that the stones are being moved, along with them, closer and closer to their home -- the Unseelie Prison. During one of the dimension shifts, she and Christian are separated. She lands in a dimension that seems close to her own home, but when she lands she comes face-to-face with a huge wild boar. She realizes that this could be a life-and-death situation, so she pulls out the magical cell phone that Barrons had supplied her with and attempts to call him using the JZB number. It, along with IYCGM (Ryodan), doesn't work. So, she dials IYD (If You're Dying) for the first time. Nothing seems to happen. So, she tries to take matters into her own hands, and literally uses Voice to make the boar back off and it works. Just after that occurs, a large beast appears out of nowhere and takes the boar down. The beast ends up being Barrons, though she is unaware of this.

The beast attempts to attack her, but the tattoo that Barrons placed at the base of her skull protects her, and stops the attack.

The beast takes the stones from her and hangs them from one of his horns. He also ties her sweater to one of his legs. During the night, it would harness her into an area and then urinate around her to prevent other animals from coming near her.

The next day Ryodan appears. He informs her that Darroc is also in the same realm and that Darroc has also marked her. He tells her there is an IFP nearby that can take her to another world that contains a dolmen that will take her to Ireland (apparently IFPs aren't affected by Cruce's curse). He then informs her that the beast must be killed. When the beast appears, a major fight ensues between Ryodan and the beast. They move at super fast speeds. When Ryodan slightly injures the beast, Mac sees her chance to attack and she uses the spear to stab the beast in the back. Ryodan then stabbed it with his own knife in its chest and ripped upward to the throat. He then cut his throat. The beast threw Ryodan over a cliff, turned toward Mac, and fell to its face. It then began to change.

I crouched beside it and had begun to untie my pouch when suddenly its horns softened and melted into a river that flowed past its head, puddling like an oil slick on blood.
I snatched my pouch from its matted hair.
The shape of its head began to change.
Webs and talons vanished.
Matted locks became hair.
I stumbled backward, shaking my head. "No," I said.
It continued to change. Slate-gray skin lightened.
"No," I insisted.
My denial had no effect. It continued to transform. Height diminished. Mass decreased. It became what it was.
What it had been all along.
I began to hyperventilate. Squatting, I rocked back and forth in a posture of grief as old as time.
"No!" I screamed.
I'd thought I'd lost everything.
I hadn't.
I stared at the person who lay dead on the floor of the forest.
The person I'd helped kill.
Now I'd lost everything.
Dreamfever, Ch 36

The thought of killing Barrons throws her over a mental edge. In the hours following the death She begins to realize just how much he meant to her and she's filled with regrets and guilt. The pain she experiences is deep. She decides that, instead of getting the Sinsar Dubh for others, that she would get it for herself and use it to make a new world that included Barrons and her sister alive and well. To do this, she must manipulate Darroc (the only one left that knows how to get the Book) into believing she is helping him. She also begins to use some of the power from the dark lake in her head, which, she later learns, is actually a copy of the Sinsar Dubh.

I seek that dark glassy lake in my mind. I stand on the black-pebbled beach. Runes float on the shiny ebon surface, glistening with power.
I bend, trail my fingers through the black water, scoop up two fistfuls, and offer the bottomless loch a deep bow of gratitude.
It's my friend. I know that now. It has always been.
y fury is too vast for nooks and crannies.
I don't try to contain it... I throw my head back, making room for it as it rises. It swells, blasts up my throat, puffs out my cheeks. When it erupts from my lips, it's an inhuman cry that soars above the trees, rips into the air, and shatters the tranquiltiy of the forest...
The temperature drops and the forest around me is abruptly encased in a thick silvery coating of ice, from smallest blade of grass to highest bough...
I glance at my hands. They are stained black, my palms cup silvery runes.
I know now where Barrons ends and I begin.
When Barrons ended, I began.
Mac O'Connor.
Shadowfever, Ch 2

After this, Darroc shows up with his Unseelie Princes. He takes her to The White Mansion. The night she walks beside him to travel to the White Mansion is the longest night of her life. The night the Walls fell was her second longest night.

Mac and the Sinsar Dubh

Mac first learns of the Sinsar Dubh during the voice mail that Alina left for her. While in Dublin, she asks around about it. She finally gets close to the mark when she asks about the book while Barrons Books and Baubles. Later, Barrons shows up and gives her more information on what the Sinsar Dubh is and how it is spelled.

"So what is it?" I said. "No, wait--how do you spell it?"
"S-i-n-s-a-r," he spelled
"Sinsar?" I said it phonetically.
He shook his head. "Shi-sa. Shi-sa-du."
"Oh, that makes great sense. And the 'du'?"
"Dubh is do?" I was incredulous. It was no wonder I hadn't been able to find the stupid word. "Should I be calling pubs poos?"
"Dubh is Gaelic, Ms. Lane. Pub is not."
"Don't bust a gut laughing." I'd thought I was being funny...
"Nothing about the Sinsar Dubh is a laughing matter."
"I stand corrected. So what is this gravest of graves?"
"...The Sinsar Dubh is a book."
"A book? That's all? Just a book?"
"...Never think it just a book. It is an exceedingly rare and exceedingly ancient manuscript countless people would kill to posses."
Darkfever, Ch 4

When Mac first starts discovering her sidhe-seer abilities, she discovers a strange place inside her head. She describes it as a dark lake or pool. She sees herself skimming the surface of the lake and it gives her things she needs - spells and power. The dark pool helped her out when she needed it, but she never dove deep into it because she sensed that it was something she shouldn't do. Eventually she learns that this dark pool is a copy of the Sinsar Dubh.

Mac learns that while her mother was pregnant with her, the Sinsar Dubh actually left a copy of itself inside of her, essentially making her a copy of the book.

I took Isla to escape the abbey. And she was pregnant. I did not expect to find you in her... The wonder. Unformed life in her body. Mine for the taking... You did not resist me. You were open. I filled you. I nestled down inside you, replicated myself and left it there. You are my child.
Shadowfever, Ch 47

On the night of August 22, Mac has her first encounter with the book and becomes extremely ill and passes out.

Bile exploded in the back of my throat. The alien part inside my head became a crematorium for my brain, the inferno spread to every cell in my body like someone was squirting me with gasoline, inside and out.
I could feel the skin on my body blistering, charring. I could smell myself burning.
Blessedly, blissfully, I passed out...
"It hits me so suddenly and with such force that I don't have time to think about it. All I know is one second I'm fine and the next I'm in such intense pain that I'd do anything to escape it. If it went on for very long and I didn't pass out, Barrons, I think I'd beg you to kill me." I opened my eyes. "But it's more complex than that. It's as if whatever I'm sensing is point and counterpoint, each other's antithesis. We can't occupy the same space. Like we're two magnets that repel, but it repels me with such force that it nearly crushes me." Bloodfever, Ch 12

Barrons believes that perhaps Mac needs to become darker so that she can get closer to the book without passing out.

Mac comes in contact with the book many times. Though she doesn't always see it, she senses it. Because of her strong Sidhe-Seer abilities, whenever the dark hallow is within a few blocks of her, she becomes severely ill. However, Barrons has the thought that perhaps the book and Mac are the antithesis of each other; if one (Mac) is diluted will it make it easier for them to come in contact with each other without Mac having such a severe reaction.

  • Her first contact with the book is just with photo copies of a few pages from the book. This causes her to become nauseated.
  • Her second contact with the book when she's on the roof of Barrons Books and Baubles. The book is traveling quickly as if it's in a car. She becomes severely sick and passes out.
  • Her third contact with the book is when she and Barrons are on their way to the sidhe-seer's abbey. She again passes out. However, Barrons continues to drive to see how close they were to the book. Eventually he's forced to stop because of Mac's reaction to the book's closeness.
  • She has her next run-in with the Book at the end Bloodfever when she's in the Temple Bar district of Dublin. However, this time she doesn't pass out, although her pain is tremendous. This may have to do with the fact that she had eaten Unseelie, which may have diluted her to the point that she isn't as pure as she once was. She then realizes how the book is being transported. It is taking over people and then making them go on murderous rampages.
  • Her next encounter with the Book finds her by herself in the Temple Bar District of Dublin. This occurs after she has eaten Unseelie, which seems to have diluted her (made her mot quite as pure as she used to be), as she doesn't pass out this time, although she suffers incredible pain from being near it. She watches in horror as the person (with a hardcover book tucked beneath his arm) that the book has taken over brutally shoots and kills and entire family of tourists, including the children. Afterward, the Book leaves the shooter, the shooter shoots himself, and then a female (who the book seems to have called to it) comes along and blithely picks up the now innocuous book.

After this occurs, Mac realizes that to track the Book, she would also have to keep track of the heinous crimes that it makes people do.

  • Mac promises Barrons that she'll be more vigilant in helping him find the book. So, they drive together each night to try to find it. However, when she senses it, she has him go the opposite way. In this fashion, she has many close calls with the book. Until one night, while she was driving and Barrons was in the passenger seat, the book suddenly showed up and appeared to be chasing them. It finally came close enough that the pain Mac experienced was so bad that she crashed the car. She exited the car and the air was ice. Barrons exited the car so he could go towards the book, which had now become The Beast. And it says hello to Mac.
I wish I could describe it to you. I'm glad I can't. Because if I could find the words for it, they would be stuck in my head forever, and I don't want anything about it stuck in my head. Its visage is terrible enough, but once it's no longer in front of you, your brain can't quite hold on to it. The way it moves, the way it looks at you. The way it mocks. The way it knows...
The Beast shows us the very worst in ourselves and makes us know it's true.
Faefever, Ch 13

Barrons tried to reach for the book, but Mac yelled at him to stop, and luckily he did. And they got away. It was then Barrons realized he would not be able to pick up the book.

"All this time I've been hunting it, I've been telling myself I would be the exception. I would be the one who could touch it. Use it. I would be unaffected. I was so certain of myself. 'Just get me within sight distance of it, Ms. Lane,' I said, convinced I'd all but have it in the bag then. Well, I was wrong." He laughed, a sharp bark of a sound. "I can't touch it, either."
- Barrons, Faefever, Ch 13
  • Barrons acquired a third stone, so he and Mac decide to try to track down the Book to see if they can subdue it with three stones, instead of the four. They ride a Royal Hunter to track down the book. When they're on the ground, the book seems to start playing with Mac's senses and disappears from Mac's 'radar'. It then reappears in different areas. She and Barrons split up to try to triangulate the stones to contain the book. Eventually Mac turns a corner and comes face-to-face with Derek O'Bannion who has been taken over by The Book. His teeth care chainsaw blades that whirred , his eyes black-on-black, and he was tall and emaciated and smelled of dead things. He had white hands that fluttered and palms with mouths that had the whirring silvery blades. Beneath his arm was the innocuous book. At one point it seemed as if he was asking Mac to help him, but then the book forced Derek to his will. He pulled the book from beneath his arm and then it changed into its true form: large, ancient, black, with intricate locks. The book fell onto the ground and opened. Mac refused to look at it, backed up, tripped, and fell and glimpsed the book and saw the woman (her mother) who had blocked her from the last forbidden library at The Abbey. However, as it turned out, the Book had her in its spell from the time she turned the corner. Barrons screamed at her to get her attention and eventually it worked. But, Derek/The Book stood behind her. She spoke to it.
"What are you?" I whispered without turning.
"Infinite. Eternal... Without parameters. Free."
"Corrupt. An abomination that should never have been. Evil."
"Sides of a coin, Mac," it said in Ryodan's voice.
"I'll never flip."
"Maybe something's wrong with you, Junior," it said, soft and sweet, in Alina's voice... "Learning you. Tasting you. Knowing you, Mac."
Dreamfever, Ch 25

She tried to shake free of it and it became angry, transformed into the beast, and literally ripped her to pieces. By this time, however, Mac was immortal (this was unknown to her and Barrons), so she didn't die. Barrons' reaction to this was anger and confusion.

"What the fuck are you?"
Dreamfever, Ch 25

Conversations with the Sinsar Dubh

Mac has many conversations with the Sinsar Dubh inside her head. Many are philosophical conversations about power and the weaknesses of the humans. Mac often argues with that sinister voice in her head, but it doesn't back down.

Mac and Barrons

Mac and Barrons are polar opposites. She's fun; he's broody. He wasn't used to being bossed about - by anyone. She digs her heels in until he gives in.

If he was winter, I was summer. If I was sunshine, he was night. A dark and stormy one.
Darkfever Ch 4

They come together to find the Sinsar Dubh. Their sexual tension runs high the entire series, until eventually they come together. She never trusts him, and she never stops frustrating him.

Barrons initially offers to help Mac with her sidhe-seer abilities. Since she initially didn't believe that she was a sidhe-seer, this didn't go over too well.

"You must believe and you must fear, or you're wasting my time. Fuck you and your 'Let's pretend I believe your little story.' If you can't give me a 'Tell me, teach me everything, I want to live,' then get the bloody hell out of here!"
Jericho Barrons, Darkfever Ch 8

They have serious trust issues. He doesn't like to volunteer information and she won't trust him unless he does.

"Fine, Barrons, keep your secrets but know this: I'll only confide in you to the extent that you confide in me. You keep me in the dark, I'll keep you in the dark, and you know what that does? Leaves us both bumbling around in the dark. Seems pretty stupid to me."
Bloodfever, Ch 12

When the two are together intimately, the two are aggressive, but there's a soft side to Barrons as well; although he'd never admit to it.

I was about to look away when he reached across the seat, touched my jaw with his long, strong, beautiful fingers, and caressed my face.
Being touched by Jericho Barrons with kindness makes you feel like you must be the most special person in the world. It's like walking up to the biggest, most savage lion in the jungle, lying down, placing your head in its mouth and, rather than taking your life, it licks you and purrs.
Bloodfever, Ch 19

Mac Gets Branded

After Mac gets nearly fatally beat by Mallucé, Barrons heals her wounds using Druid spells and runes he put on her with ink (non-permanent). When her confrontation with Mallucé occurred, she had gone to the area without Barrons' knowledge. Because of this, when Mac is unconscious from her wounds, he places a tattoo on her at the nape of her neck where her hair still covers it. The tattoo is spelled so that he can trace her. It also prevents his beast form from attacking her. With this tattoo, he can sense when she's near. The tattoo is a red and black intricate design with a luminescent Z in the middle.

When Mac is taken by the Lord Master and Unseelie Princes, the LM brands her with a tracking tattoo as well. The tattoo is placed just to the left of Barrons' tattoo.

These brands also allow the person who placed the brand there to sense Mac's intense emotions.

Wordless Conversations with Barrons

Mac and Barrons are able to communicate with each other without using words. This could be construed as just eye contact, however it seems that are actually able to have entire conversations this way.

  • While in the Burren, and Mac is near death, she is able to communicate to him that she must eat Unseelie in order to survive.

Getting into Barrons' Head

For some unknown reason, when Mac and Barrons kiss or become intimate, Mac is able to enter into Barrons' mind and see his memories. In order for the mind melding to stop, Barrons has to kick Mac out of his mind. When these memories occur, the reference is of Mac looking out of Barrons' eyes and the thoughts are as if they come from her and Barrons, but really refer to Barrons' thoughts. Most of the memories revolve around violence and the scenes take place during in a desert.

One reveals thoughts of a girl who he cares for.

She is our world. Our highest star, our brightest sun, and now we are dark as night. We were always dark, feared, above and beyond any law. but she loved us anyway. Will she love us now? We who have never known uncertainty or fear now know both in what is absurdly the moment of our greatest strength. We who have killed without conscience, taken without question, conquered without hesitation, now question it all. Undone by a single act. The mighty, whose stride has never faltered--we stumble. We fall to our knees, throw back our head, and, as our lungs fill with sand, roar our outrage through cracked and burning lips to the heavens...
Dreamfever, Ch 4

Many of these revolve around the time that Barrons discovers his son has been tortured beyond repair and when he and his men discover that they now turn into beasts. One is a memory of when Barrons is in battle and he seems actually turned on by the carnage that includes children and a woman.

Another time reveals that Barrons had once been in Faery and was having sex with a Seelie Princess as V'lane watched. The memory suggested that the Fae didn't recognize him, as if they had known him before. It reveals that he had been in Faery for some time learning their ways and trying to find information on the Sinsar Dubh. Barrons kicks Mac out of his head before she sees more, but she's able to get into his head again to find that Barrons has killed the Seelie Princess without using any of the Fae weapons.

One of the most prolific instances of this occurs just after Mac is nearly killed by the Sinsar Dubh. This instance shows Barrons once again in a desert while holding a child, who it is later learned is his son. It seems to be the one most despairing moments in his life. The memory is from just after Barrons and his men were cursed and before they knew they could transform into beasts.

I hold a child in my arms.
I star into the night.
I won't look down.
Can't face what's in his eyes.
Can't not look.
My gaze goes unwillingly, hungrily down.
The child stares up at me with utter trust.
His eyes say, I know you won't let me die.
His eyes say, I know you will make the pain stop.
His eyes said, Trust/love/adore/youareperfect/youwillalwayskeepmesafe/youaremyworld.
But I didn't keep him safe.
And I can't make his pain stop.
Bitterness fills my mouth with bile...I never understood anything about life until this moment...
If the child dies, nothing will ever matter again, because a piece o me will go with him...
I hold him.
I rock him.
He weeps...
I stare into those trusting eyes.
I see him there. His yesterdays. His today. The tomorrows that will never be.
I see his pain an dit shreds me.
I see his absolute love and it shames me.
I see the light--that beautiful perfect lifht that is life.
He smiles at me. He gives me all his love in his eyes.
It begins to fade.
No! I roar. You will not die! You will not leave me!
I stare into his eyes for what seems a thousand days.
I see him. I hold him. He is there.
He is gone...
Something rattles deep in my chest.
I do not recognize it.
I am no longer what I was.
I look at the others.
None of us are.
Dreamfever, Ch 25

Personality and Traits


Mac's personality, at least at the beginning of the series, is bubbly and fun. She considers herself a bit different from others.

Born in a generation that thinks cynical and disenchanted is cool, sometimes I'm a little off the beaten track. Oh well.
Darkfever, Ch 1

However, she admits to being stubborn, especially when she's mad. She doesn't like being in confined spaces or being under ground. Prior to going to Dublin, she would always sleep in the dark. But after learning about the Fae (especially the Shades), she always slept with the lights on.


Mac, unlike many of her generation, isn't into technology too much. The only thing she needs is her pink iPod.

I'm hardly a social butterfly. I'm not one of those plugged-in people who are always hooked up to the latest greatest find-me service. The idea of being found so easily creeps me out a little. I don't have a camera phone or text-messaging capability. I don't have Internet service or satellite radio, just your basic account, thank you. The only other gadget I need is my trusty iPod--music is my great escape.
Darkfever, Ch 1

Love for Cars

Mac, and her adopted father, Jack, love cars. Jack and Mac would often attend car shows together. She actually owns a Toyota in Ashford, but she greatly enjoys Barrons' collection of expensive and fast cars.

Start of the Series

At the beginning of the series, Mac is fun, outgoing, if a little different. Her favorite color is pink and she loves accessorizing.

Changes as the Series Progresses

Prior to Alina's death, Mac was fun-loving and free spirited. However, as she becomes more deeply involved into the Fae world while trying to find out who killed her sister, she changes more and more. She calls herself different names like Pink Mac, Glam-girl Mac, and Savage Mac. She delineates these changes by assigning them version numbers.

Mac 1.0

Normally she'd wake thinking of what pretty outfit she'd wear that day, but as time goes by she wakes thinking of apocalypses and other dark thoughts.

"I have a life, too. At least, I used to. I used to do perfectly normal things like date and go out to eat and see movies and hang out with friends and never once think about vampires or monsters or mobsters."
Mac - Darkfever, Ch 19

Mac 2.0

Version 2 of Mac has black hair and wears black clothes. The black clothes are better for possibly being bled upon. Instead of pretty sandals, she wears tennis shoes. This Mac begins to carry flash lights with her everywhere in case she gets stuck into a dark area and runs into Shades. In this version, she becomes determined and focused on what she's hoping to accomplish.

Inside me was a Mac I'd never met before. I couldn't dress her up. I couldn't make her take a bath. She wouldn't mix in pleasant society. I couldn't corral a single one of her thoughts. My only hope was she wouldn't suddenly sprout a mouth.
She was a bloodthirsty, primitive little savage.
And she hated pink.
Bloodfever, Ch 4

Mac 3.0

Mac 4.0

Mac 4.0 is the version that survived being Pri-ya. She is now sensing that she is quite powerful and senses a dark pool in her head that contains great power, although she has yet to test its depths. V'lane notices the difference in her.

"Perhaps you are becoming what you need to be... What a creature you are becoming."
"I'm not a creature. I'm a human and proud of it."
"Ah, MacKayla, only a fool would still call you human now."
-V'lane and Mac, Dreamfever, Ch 7

In this version, OOPs (Fae Objects of Power) no longer made her feel sick. They made her feel alive.

Mac 5.0

This version of Mac begins after she believes she's killed Barrons. She begins to use the dark power from the lake within her head. Though she herself doesn't turn 'dark', she does make decisions that would be questionable. She becomes even more powerful. She is no longer influenced by Voice and The Amulet's power does not work on her.


Mac had many nightmares that really center around what happens in her life.

  • She had recurring nightmares of four distinct, subtly varied tastes. Two of them didn't taste so bad, while the other two were extremely vile, waking her and making her choke. These two were regret and cowardice.
  • While growing up, and while grown, Mac had continual nightmares of a cold place.
I was in a cold place from which there was no escape. Towering walls of ice surrounded me, hemmed me in. Creatures had carved out caverns in the stark, sheer cliffs above me, and were watching me. Somewhere there was a castle, a monstrous fortress of black ice. I could feel it drawing me, knew if I found it and entered those forbidding doors I would never be the same again.
Bloodfever, Ch 19

As a child, she had dreamed of a sad, dying woman. She didn't know what was wrong with the sad woman, but she wanted badly to save her. The woman is in a bitterly cold place, and after Mac would wake up, she often had to take a long hot shower to warm up again. Mac wondered if the woman was her biological mother. Sometimes the woman would try to tell her something but an icy wind would steal her words away. Later, she discovers that the woman is actually Queen Aoibheal, who was originally the Unseelie King's concubine. She was taken by Cruce and placed in the Unseelie Prison and encased in a tomb of ice.

Mac also would dream of cold places, fortresses of black ice, and a White Mansion.

The dreams of the White Mansion involve her chasing after the Concubine throughout the House. Often the Concubine is urging her to hurry and that Mac must follow her.


At the beginning of the Fever Series, Mac's clothing follows along the lines of the colors of the rainbow with a few pastels thrown in for good measure. In her first night in Dublin, she wears a lilac camisole and a matching cardigan. Her clothing must match, even her sleep attire. The night she meets Jericho Barrons, she sleeps in a lacy peach sleep shirt and matching panties. She likes lacy camisoles, capris, sandals, and her Juicy Couture purse (she saved all summer to buy it). As the series progresses, Mac's clothing becomes darker and less fashionable. However, she makes an effort to dress up at least twice a week in bright, pretty clothes.

She brought a few t-shirts with her. One of them that Barrons seems to like (and that she is seen wearing in Fever Moon) has the saying 'I'm a Juicy Girl' on it. Barrons response: "I bet you are."

Nail Polish/Make-Up

Mac loves her nail polish. She often tries to match her polish with whatever she's wearing. A list of her nail polish and other make-up include:

  • I'm-Not-Really-a-Waitress-Pink (both manicure and pedicure)
  • Razzle-Dazzle-Hot-Pink-Twist (both manicure and pedicure)
  • Moon-Silvered Pink (lipgloss)
  • Gentlemen-Prefer-Blondes-Blush (nail polish)
  • Iceberry Pink (toe polish)
  • Young-Hearts-Beat-Free-Tonight Blush (nail/toe polish)
  • Perfectly Pink (nail polish and lip gloss)

Mac's Love of the Sun

Mac has a great love for the sun. While in Dublin, the dreary weather with the nearly constant rain really gets to her. So, when V'lane offers to sift her to sunny beaches around the world, these offers are too much for her refuse. Not only does she get her dose of Vitamin D, but she also gets to ply V'lane with questions. Their trips include:


Mac loves her iPod. At the beginning of the series, we find her lounging by the pool listening to what she termed as 'happy mindless music to pass happy mindless time.' The list included the top one hundred one-hit wonders from the past few decades, plus a few that made her smile. One her favorite included Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful world." She loves iTunes, especially if she can get a good deal. Other music that Mac purchases/listens to include:

  • What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
  • Green Day Greatest Hits
  • She's a Rainbow by Rolling Stones
  • Sloop John B by the Beach Boys
  • Highway to Hell by AC/DC
  • Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Flood by Jars of Clay
  • Knocking on Heaven's Door by Bob Dylan
  • Don't Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult
  • Manfred Mann by Bruce Springsteen
  • Foxy, Foxy by Rob Zombie
  • Pussy Liquor by Rob Zombie
  • I Get Knocked Down by Chumbawamba


Mac has quite a way with words. She substitutes words for other words (mainly curse words) and likes to say things that she probably really shouldn't. Here's a list of some of Mac's Macisms:

  • I couldn't have been slammed awake any harder if I'd been hit upside the head with my mom's cast-iron frying pan. Darkfever, Ch 4
  • "Well, get used to it with me, bud, because I don't take orders from anyone. And I don't give up anything for free." Bluster, bluster, bluster, Mac 'Darkfever, Ch 4
  • "We have a phrase back home in Georgia: Out of the frying pan and into the fire. The soles of my shoes should have been steaming." 'Darkfever, Ch 4
  • See Mac bluff. Better than See Mac run. Way better than See Mac get her stupid self killed. 'Darkfever, Ch 4
  • Fudge-buckets = Crap
  • Petunia = Ass
  • Daisies = Shit
  • Frog = Fuck
  • If the book was metal, I was Jericho Barrons' own private state-of-the-art metal detector. Darkfever, Ch 11
  • I wasn't going to have time to dash to the church down the street and dab holy water at my wrists and behind my ears; my version of Eau de Don'tbiteme. Darkfever, Ch 11
  • OOPs = Objects of Power (a Fae Hallow)
  • Hope strengthens, fear kills. Darkfever, Ch 16
  • BTC = Before The Call
  • People treat you as badly as you let them treat you. Key word there: let. Faefever, Ch 1

The Box in Her Head

As things become more and more worse, Mac begins to compartmentalize things in her head into what she calls a locked box. She put it down in the deepest, darkest corner of her head. It's airtight, soundproofed, and padlocked. This is where she keeps thoughts she doesn't know what to do with or that could get her into trouble. She leaves them there so that she could try to get the thoughts out of her head. Some of the things in this box include:

  • Eating Unseelie
  • Kissing Barrons (but this gets out of the box sometimes)


Mac has a pretty good metabolism, which is a good thing, since she loves food. When her parents are on their cruise, she misses her mom's home cooked meals, so decides to go shopping for the ingredients for her favorite meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh turnip greens, and peach pie with homemade whipped-cream.

She's the kind of person that has to eat right when she wakes up. And if she doesn't eat within a certain amount of time she'll get a headache.

Her first meal in Dublin consisted of a bowl of Irish stew, soda bread, and a slice of chocolate whiskey cake, along with a perfectly stacked Guinness.

She enjoyed going with her friends back in Georgia to middle-of-the-might trips to Huddle House for pancakes.

She orders a special cake for Barrons on his birthday (October 31st). He became rather upset and smacked the cake into the air making it hit the ceiling.

Eating Unseelie

Mac eats Unseelie only when she absolutely must. When she eats Unseelie, she becomes very strong and gains extraordinary senses, but then she loses many of her sidhe-seer abilities, so she can no longer sense objects of power or the Fae, and the Spear can possibly kill her. Also, Fae, or someone under the influence of Fae, are unable to cry.

  • On October 3rd, a few days after Mallucé kidnaps Mac, she is beaten so badly that she is very close to death. Barrons finds her in this condition. In order to become healthy once again, she eats Unseelie. This, however, is dangerous for her.
  • When she is caught in a mob in Dublin and she knows that if she doesn't get some Unseelie in her, she will be crushed by the mob or she will be herded into a wall of Shades, she pulls out some jars of the wiggling flesh and eats every bit she can.

Sidhe-Seer Skills and Abilities

Mac is one of the most powerful sidhe-seers of all time. Even within the Fever Series, she does not reach her full potential. Mac and Alina inherited their Sidhe-Seer abilities from their birth mother. These skills allow them to see through Fae glamour and see a Fae for what it really is. Since Mac and Alina were brought up in a small town in the southern part of the United States, their chances of ever seeing a Fae were pretty small. The first time Mac sees a Fae occurs on her first night in Dublin while eating in a pub.

I'd already paid my tab and was just finishing my beer when he walked in. I noticed him because it was impossible not to. Though I didn't catch sight of him until he'd already passed me and his back was to me, it was the backside of a world-class athlete...So I noticed his backside first, and as I'm scoping it out with a connoisseur's eye (trouble or not he was serious eye-candy), he goes straight to the bar, leans over it, and filches a bottle of top-shelf whisky.
Not a soul seemed to notice...
I began to slide down from my stool. Yes, I was going to do it--stranger in a strange land, no less--I was going to rat him out. We bartenders have to stick together.
The guy turned.
I froze, one foot on the lower rung, halfway down. I think I even stopped breathing. To say he was movie-star material didn't cut it...To say that archangels must have been graced by God with such faces couldn't even begin to begin describing him... Every hair on my body lifted all over, in unison. And I got the strangest thought: He's not human...
And as I watched him, something utterly inexplicable happened. The fine hair all over my body began to vibrate, my meal turned to a lump of lead in my stomach and I was suddenly having some kind of waking vision. The bar was still there and so was he, but in this version of reality, he wasn't gorgeous at all. He was nothing but a carefully camouflaged abomination, and just beneath the surface of all that perfection, the barely masked stench of decay was rising from his skin...I felt as if--if I could just open my eyes a little wider--I would see even more. I would see exactly what he was, if I could look harder somehow. Darkfever, Ch 2

Mac has other stronger abilities. She is a Null, which means she can touch a Fae and freeze it for a few seconds. The stronger the Fae, the less time they stay frozen.

Mac can also detect Fae Objects of Power (which she likes to call her Spidey-sense). Whenever the Sinsar Dubh is within a few blocks of her, its presence is so powerful that she becomes physically ill. It also causes her to have a deep sense of dread and the fine hair on her body to stand on end. However, she becomes more immune to these effects the more she comes into contact with it. Her first experience with the Sinsar Dubh wasn't even the actual book. It was photocopies from the book, and they made her get sick to her stomach.

I'd never gone from feeling fine to feeling awful so quickly in my life.
Barrons was seated on the sofa I'd vacated, his arms stretched across the back of it, his legs spread, looking relaxed as a lion lazing after the kill. His gaze, however, was sharp as a hawk's. He studied me with voracious interest as I stepped through the door. There were some papers on the sofa next to him that I had yet to understand the significance of.
I closed the door and promptly doubled over and vomited what was left of my lunch... I hated my hair and I hated my life and I could feel it blazing in my eyes.
He, on the other hand, looked pleased as punch.
"What just happened, Barrons? What did you do to me? I accused...
He laughed and stood up, looking down at me. "You, Ms. Lane, can sense the Sinsar Dubh. And you just became very, very useful to me."
Darkfever, Ch 10

Because of this ability, Barrons often takes her with him to see if she detects any Fae objects. Mac calls herself his 'personal OOP-detector.'

Mac, along with Barrons, acquires the Spear of Luisne, one of the Fae's light hallows. The spear can kill the Fae, so she keeps it as her personal weapon.

Barrons teaches Mac the power of Voice. Though this is not a sidhe-seer ability, but rather a Druid ability, Mac picks up on it faster than many others can. She requested that Barrons teach her this ability because Darroc used the power on her, and she had no way to deny any command he made of her while using Voice.

However, her darker power comes from the fact that the Sinsar Dubh has replicated itself in side of Mac. Mac doesn't realize at first that this power comes from the Sinsar Dubh. She discovers her 'dark lake' in her head when goes poking around one night to find out what powers she may posses.

There was a place in my head that felt as old as the earth, as ancient as time, always wakeful, ever watching. When I focused on it, it pulsed hotly, like embers in my brain... Like the element it resembled, it knew no morality, didn't understand the word. Earth, fire, wind, and water are what they are. Power. At best, impartial. At worse, destructive. I shaped it. I controlled it. Or didn't.
Fire isn't good or bad. It just burns.
Bloodfever, Ch 10

Mac is also able to do illusions, though only she can see it.

Mac discovers that when she fights she becomes stronger, tougher, and moves faster than a normal human could. Her strikes become more accurate like a trained assassin.

After being Pri-ya, she discovers she is much more powerful, although she doesn't quite realize that this power was inside her all along. She discovers she can walk through wards. She also discovers that she has become to a Death-by-Sex Fae's sexual impact.

Barrons also teaches Mac to use the Druid art of Voice. It normally takes someone a very long time to learn this ability, but Mac, with the help of Barrons, learns the ability very quickly. This ability allows her to give commands to someone and they will follow those commands.

Mac Kills a Sidhe-Seer

Not long after Mac meets Rowena, Rowena sends a group of six sidhe-seers to take the Spear. Mac fights them with everything she has. She pulls out the Spear and one of the sidhe-seers runs into the Spear, killing her.



Alina was Mac's sister and best friend. They were extremely close, and Alina's death nearly destroyed Mac.


Barrons, an extremely mysterious man (being?), becomes Mac's mentor and a frenemy. Eventually he becomes Mac's lover and forever. She first meets him on August 4, the evening she made her first venture into the Dark Zone. She found his establishment, Barrons Books and Baubles, and entered to use the phone to call a cab. Needless to say, they didn't hit it off too well. Barrons is very old school. Mac is pretty much the opposite. When Mac asks about the Sinsar Dubh, Barrons becomes immediately drawn to her, since he also is after the book.

Jericho Barrons," a rich, cultured male voice said behind me. "And you are?" Not an Irish accent. No idea what kind of accent it was, though.
I turned, with my name perched on the top of my tongue, but it didn't make it out...I gave myself a brisk inward shake and stuck out my hand. "MacKayla, but most people call me Mac."
"Have you a surname, MacKayla?" He pressed my knuckles briefly to his lips and released my hand.
Was it my imagination or was his gaze predatory? I was afraid I was getting a little paranoid... "Just Mac is fine," I evaded.
"And what do you know of this shi-sadu, just Mac?"
"Nothing. That's why I was asking. What is it?"
"I have no idea," he said. "Where did you hear of it?
"Can't remember. Why do you care?"
He crossed his arms.
I crossed mine too...
"You know what it means," I told him. "Why don't you just tell me?"
"You know something about it, as well," he said. "Why not tell me?"
"I asked first." Childish maybe, but it was all I could think of. He didn't dignify it with a response.
Darkfever, Ch 3


For Mac, Dani became a replacement for Alina. Dani was someone that Mac came to love and adore. Unfortunately, Dani's past nearly destroys that bond.


Darroc, aka the Lord Master, was her sister's boyfriend. He also brought the Unseelie over from the Unseelie prison and make the walls between man and Faery come down. He is a former Seelie who was punished by the Queen to become mortal. After Mac believes she killed Barrons, she decides to use Darroc in any way she can (including sleeping with him if she has to, but she only ends up kissing him and never sleeps with him) in order to help acquire the Sinsar Dubh so she can take it for herself and remake the world the way she wishes it to be.


Mac runs into Rowena (or perhaps it should be the other way around) her first night in Dublin. Upon seeing her first Fae, Mac nearly gets herself caught by staring too long at it, and Rowena steps in. It is also Rowena who gives Mac the inkling that she may be adopted.

I was saved from myself, from my story ending right here and now on this very page, by a sharp rap to the back of my head.
"Ow!" I hopped off my perch on the stool, turned around, and glared at my assailant.
She glared back at me--a tiny old woman, eighty if she was a day..."Hey, what do you think you're doing?" she reached up and rapped me again, her knuckles cracking sharply against my forehead.
"Ow! Stop that!"
"How dare you stare at him like that?" the woman hissed. Fierce blue eyes glittered furiously at me from within nests of fine wrinkles. "Would you be jeopardizing us all, then, you damn fool?"
"The dark Tuatha Dé! How dare you betray us! And you--an O'Connor, no less! I'll be having a word with you kin I will!"...
"I'm not an O'Connor."
"Sure you are." She rolled her eyes. "That hair, those eyes. And that skin! Och, aye, you're an O'Connor through and through."
Darkfever, Ch 2

Rowena always seems to have something against Mac. Mac and Rowena fight for dominance over the Sidhe-Seers. Though Rowena is their leader, her leadership hasn't progressed many of the Sidhe-Seers to where they want to be.


V'lane is a Seelie Prince. He persuades Mac to help him find the Sinsar Dubh on behalf of Queen Aoibheal, the Seelie Queen. He is a highly sexed Fae, and often tries to persuade Mac to have sex with him. He is what Mac calls a Death-by-Sex Fae because he can cause a female to become extremely aroused and if he has sex with a female without protecting her from his sexual powers, can make her a sex addict. He has given Mac some of the largest orgasms she ever experiences without ever touching her. As part of bargain between them, he offers Mac the Cuff of Cruce. However, Mac never trusts V'lane 100%, and she doesn't take the cuff. This is a good thing, because, as it turns out, V'lane is actually Cruce, one of the four Unseelie Princes. V'lane offers Mac his name embedded on her tongue. The only way to embed his name is by kissing her. The night the walls fell, Mac tries to call him using his embedded name, but the calling doesn't work.


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