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The Sinsar Dubh (she-suh-DOO) is the most powerful and deadliest of the Tuatha Dé Danaan's Hallows. It is a large book in gilded jewels and carries all of the Unseelie King's dark spells.



The Sinsar Dubh was written by the Unseelie King over a million years ago. The Unseelie King was originally the Seelie King and the Queen's consort. Since the Fae are a matriarchal line, the King had only vestigial power. He was jealous of the queen, who was the only one who knew the Song of Making. He asked her to teach it to him as he had fallen in love with a mortal and he wanted to make her immortal and this could only be done with the the Song of Making. He decided to try using his own Song of Making which didn't work quite as well as the queen's. This was the result of the Unseelie race.

However, the queen was told of his treachery by one of the Unseelie. She tried to strip the king of his power, but he had grown too strong. They battled, sending the Seelie and Unseelie to fight against one another. The battle was so fierce that it cracked their world from end to end. He took the Sword of Light and she The Spear and the king killed the Faery Queen. She was unable to pass on the Song of Making to the next queen. But she was able to complete the walls of the prison and the spell to contain them.

After the battle, the king found out that his beloved concubine had killed herself.

When the king finds out that his concubine killed herself, he created the Sinsar Dubh as an act of atonement. His grief was great from his loss. He looked at what he had created with horror and made a vow to change and become the leader of his race. But the knowledge he knew was too much, and he knew he had to get rid of it somehow. So, he created the book to pour all his dark knowledge into. Once he did this, he would banish the book to another realm where it couldn't be found and used for bad. He hoped that this would help him to become the leader of his race. However, the book changed over time as many Fae objects do. The king was unable to destroy it because the book was his equal. He even thought it possible that the book could defeat him. He made the sidhe-seers as another form of his children to guard the book.

The book was placed in an area below the sidhe-seer's abbey where it stayed, protected, for many years. One year, the leader of the sidhe-seer's, Isla O'Connor (Mac's mother) was overtaken by the power of the book. She had the ability to pass the wards in the abbey, so the book took her over, and had her escape with it.

The Sinsar Dubh becomes so powerful that it takes on a life of its own. It's so powerful that book's name should not even be spoken aloud for fear of it finding the speaker.

"I know you lied to me. So what is it really, Barrons--this shi-sadu?" Though I'd not intended to emphasize the unfamiliar word, it seemed to ricochet off the surrounding buildings with the sharp retort of a gunshot...a total hush fell over the night, like one of those untimely lulls in conversation that always happen just when you're saying something like, Can you believe what a witch that Jane Doe is? and Jane Doe's standing right across the suddenly silent room, and you just want to sink into the floor...
He was there before I could blink... "You bloody fool, do not speak of such things in the open night!"
Darkfever, Ch 5

When the book is loose in Dublin, it takes over people, causing them to do large massacres. Eventually the person it possesses does something to make themselves die in order to stop the book's possession.


Mac and Barrons team together to track and capture the book.


Mac is significantly connected with the book because the book placed a copy of itself within her when she was still a fetus.

I took Isla to escape the abbey. And she was pregnant. I did not expect to find you in her... The wonder. Unformed life in her body. Mine for the taking... You did not resist me. You were open. I filled you. I nestled down inside you, replicated myself and left it there. You are my child.
Shadowfever, Ch 47

Mac's Sightings of the Book

Mac comes in contact with the book many times. Though she doesn't always see it, she senses it. Because of her strong Sidhe-Seer abilities, whenever the dark hallow is within a few blocks of her, she becomes severely ill. However, Barrons has the thought that perhaps the book and Mac are the antithesis of each other; if one (Mac) is diluted will it make it easier for them to come in contact with each other without Mac having such a severe reaction. Later, the book begins to actually posses people and cause them to do mass murders. This is another method in which Mac learns to track the book.

  • Her first contact with the book is just with photo copies of a few pages from the book. This causes her to become nauseated.
  • Her second contact with the book when she's on the roof of Barrons Books and Baubles. The book is traveling quickly as if it's in a car. She becomes severely sick and passes out.
  • Her third contact with the book is when she and Barrons are on their way to the sidhe-seer's abbey. She again passes out. However, Barrons continues to drive to see how close they were to the book. Eventually he's forced to stop because of Mac's reaction to the book's closeness.
  • Her next encounter with the Book finds her by herself in the Temple Bar District of Dublin. This occurs after she has eaten Unseelie, which seems to have diluted her (made her mot quite as pure as she used to be), as she doesn't pass out this time, although she suffers incredible pain from being near it. She watches in horror as the person (with a hardcover book tucked beneath his arm) that the book has taken over brutally shoots and kills and entire family of tourists, including the children. Afterward, the Book leaves the shooter, the shooter shoots himself, and then a female (who the book seems to have called to it) comes along and blithely picks up the now innocuous book.
The book dropped from beneath his arm. It seemed to fall in slow motion, changing, transforming, as it tumbled, end over end, to the damp, shiny brick. By the time it hit the cobbled pavement with a heavy whump, it was no longer a simple hardcover but a massive black tome, nearly a foot thick, engraved with runes, bound by bands of steel and intricate locks...
Now the thick dark volume was changing again, becoming something new. It swirled and spun, drawing substance from wind and darkness.
In its place rose a...thing...of such...terrible essence and pitch. A darkly animate...again, I can only say thing...that existed beyond shape or name. A malformed creature sprung from some no-man's-land of shattered sanity and broken gibberings.
And it lived...
I can only call it the Beast, and leave it there...
A woman appeared from around the corner as if answering a summons, gazed blankly at the scene for several moments, then walked as if drugged straight to the fallen book...
She stooped, picked it up, tucked it beneath her arm, and turned away.
I'd like to say she walked off without a backward glance, but she didn't. She glanced over her shoulder, straight at me, and her expression choked off what little breath inflated my lungs.
Pure evil stared out of her eyes, a cunning, bottomless malevolence that knew me, that understood things about me I didn't, and never wanted to know. Evil that celebrated its existence every chance it got through chaos, demolition, and psychotic rage.
She smiled, an awful smile, baring hundreds of small, pointy teeth...
It was moving.
Passing from one set of hands to the next, transforming each of its victims into a weapon of violence and destruction...
Creepy thing was, until tonight, it hadn't been aware of me.
It was now.
Faefever, Ch 1

After this occurs, Mac realizes that to track the Book, she would also have to keep track of the heinous crimes that it makes people do.

  • Mac promises Barrons that she'll be more vigilant in helping him find the book. So, they drive together each night to try to find it. However, when she senses it, she has him go the opposite way. In this fashion, she has many close calls with the book. Until one night, while she was driving and Barrons was in the passenger seat, the book suddenly showed up and appeared to be chasing them. It finally came close enough that the pain Mac experienced was so bad that she crashed the car. She exited the car and the air was ice. Barrons exited the car so he could go towards the book, which had now become The Beast. And it says hello to Mac.
I wish I could describe it to you. I'm glad I can't. Because if I could find the words for it, they would be stuck in my head forever, and I don't want anything about it stuck in my head. Its visage is terrible enough, but once it's no longer in front of you, your brain can't quite hold on to it. The way it moves, the way it looks at you. The way it mocks. The way it knows...
The Beast shows us the very worst in ourselves and makes us know it's true.
Faefever, Ch 13

Barrons tried to reach for the book, but Mac yelled at him to stop, and luckily he did. And they got away. It was then Barrons realized he would not be able to pick up the book.

"All this time I've been hunting it, I've been telling myself I would be the exception. I would be the one who could touch it. Use it. I would be unaffected. I was so certain of myself. 'Just get me within sight distance of it, Ms. Lane,' I said, convinced I'd all but have it in the bag then. Well, I was wrong." He laughed, a sharp bark of a sound. "I can't touch it, either."
- Barrons, Faefever, Ch 13
  • Barrons acquired a third stone, so he and Mac decide to try to track down the Book to see if they can subdue it with three stones, instead of the four. They ride a Royal Hunter to track down the book. When they're on the ground, the book seems to start playing with Mac's senses and disappears from Mac's 'radar'. It then reappears in different areas. She and Barrons split up to try to triangulate the stones to contain the book. Eventually Mac turns a corner and comes face-to-face with Derek O'Bannion who has been taken over by The Book. His teeth care chainsaw blades that whirred , his eyes black-on-black, and he was tall and emaciated and smelled of dead things. He had white hands that fluttered and palms with mouths that had the whirring silvery blades. Beneath his arm was the innocuous book. At one point it seemed as if he was asking Mac to help him, but then the book forced Derek to his will. He pulled the book from beneath his arm and then it changed into its true form: large, ancient, black, with intricate locks. The book fell onto the ground and opened. Mac refused to look at it, backed up, tripped, and fell and glimpsed the book and saw the woman (her mother) who had blocked her from the last forbidden library at The Abbey. However, as it turned out, the Book had her in its spell from the time she turned the corner. Barrons screamed at her to get her attention and eventually it worked. But, Derek/The Book stood behind her. She spoke to it.
"What are you?" I whispered without turning.
"Infinite. Eternal... Without parameters. Free."
"Corrupt. An abomination that should never have been. Evil."
"Sides of a coin, Mac," it said in Ryodan's voice.
"I'll never flip."
"Maybe something's wrong with you, Junior," it said, soft and sweet, in Alina's voice... "Learning you. Tasting you. Knowing you, Mac."
Dreamfever, Ch 25

She tried to shake free of it and it became angry, transformed into the beast, and literally ripped her to pieces. By this time, however, Mac was immortal (this was unknown to her and Barrons), so she didn't die.


Barrons wishes to have the book because his son has a curse placed on him that causes him immeasurable pain. However, his son (like Barrons) cannot die, so his pain continues for all time. Barrons believes the book will carry a spell to help put his son out of his misery. Barrons has photocopies of a few pages from the Sinsar Dubh located in his safe in his living quarters three stories beneath the garage behind Barrons Books and Baubles.


Deciphering the Sinsar Dubh

In order for someone to be able to read the ancient language found within the Sinsar Dubh, they need the four stones that came from the walls of the Unseelie King's fortress. It is believed that, when together, these stones create a sound that is part of the Unseelie King's Song of Making. They also need the 'five.' The five are believed the be the five MacKeltar Druids, Christian, Christopher, Dageus, Drustan, and Cian.


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